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What if your only Windows 2003 Global Catalog Server fails

Posted by lopeza on June 4, 2009

Our environment was setup with a single global catalog server (or GCS) due to a misconfiguration.  When our domain controller/GCS failed/crashed we noticed that our secondary domain controller did not pick up the work of the GCS and our exchange email server was not functioning.

In order to resolve, we configured the secondary domain controller to be a GCS, had it seize the 5 FSMO roles, and configure our exchange server to use the new GCS. 

Seize the 5 FSMO roles:

Make it a GCS:

Remove the crashed DC from AD sites and services:
Delete the servername and rebuild the server and readd it. (But there are many different things you can do here)

Update Exchange system manager:
Reconfigure the “Recipient update service” to the running DC for both entries.

To check for errors you can run:
C:\Program Files\Support Tools\dcdiag /v > c:\dcdiag.txt
C:\Program Files\Support Tools\netdiag /v > c:\netdiag.txt

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