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Opensql camp announced

Posted by lopeza on September 6, 2008

I went to a similar one last year hosted by mysqlcamp.  If this one is at least as good as the other then I will be more than satisfied.  Probably one of the best places for knowledge exchange.

I haven’t figured out any travel arrangements yet but I would be leaving from NYC.

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Dell 2950 and MD1000

Posted by lopeza on April 26, 2008

I have been investigating some hardware configuration to run a MySQL instance with a current db of about 100GB. I found that Dell has added bigger and faster disks to their PE2950 server line. The downside is that you can only run up 6x146GB 15k sas disks instead of the 8x73GB 15k sas disks. So you gain more storage, lose 2 heads, but the price is the same.

Then I thought of adding an MD1000 to the setup, but even though you gain a lot more capacity you have to shell out almost double the cost to just get started.

Since I am loading the box with 32GB of Ram I have opted to go with the 6x146gb raid 10 vs. 8x73gb raid10 for more storage since a lot of our db is going to be in memory anyway.

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First Entry

Posted by lopeza on April 17, 2008

Hi World,

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a really long time and never actually thought I’d have something worth writing that people would actually want to read. Until a close friend of mine told me that I have a great deal of experience in technology that would be awesome to share. He also believed that my positive attitude would reflect well in my writing. So here it goes… Soon I will post my first entry, about what I don’t know yet, but rest assured it will be about my experiences in technology.

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