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Configuring Remote Desktop and port forwarding with Verizon Fios

Posted by lopeza on January 12, 2009

I got Verizon Fios today and it is a pain to configure the vendor provided router.  I finally figured out how to change the subnet from your default 192.168.1.x.  The other issue was getting RDP to work from outside the network without using a DMZ.  I found this helpful guide at

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Getting rid of the performance review.

Posted by lopeza on November 16, 2008

I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal and thought this was interesting to post.  As review time comes around for many companies and employees are trying to figure out what will happen with regard to employement status, compensation, and goals this was an interesting topic to think about.

an excerpt from the full article.

“[Why to get rid of the performance review] Let’s start with an obvious reason: The mind-sets held by the two participants in a performance review work at cross-purposes. The boss wants to discuss where performance needs to be improved, while the subordinate is focused on such small issues as compensation, job progression and career advancement. The boss is thinking about missed opportunities, skill limitations and relationships that could use enhancing, while the subordinate wants to put a best foot forward believing he or she is negotiating pay. All of this puts the participants at odds, talking past each other. At best, the discussion accomplishes nothing. More likely, it creates tensions that carry over to their everyday relationships.”

full article

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Virginia Gas Prices

Posted by lopeza on November 14, 2008

Virginia Gas Prices

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Sure feels good.

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Arista Networks – a new networking company

Posted by lopeza on October 24, 2008

Started up by Sun’s billionaire cofounder, Andreas Bechtolsheim and a former Cisco star, Jarshree Ullal.  They are creating fast network switches running at 10 gigabits running Intel and AMD chips on linux OS.  Many of these types of switches are already used by big telecommunications carriers, but haven’t really been popular against the widely used one-gigabit switches.

Thier approach is to get products to market quickly and with the potential of letting developers create add-on programs to handle specialized functions.

Cost looks like its around $400 – $500 per port and the company claims to have about 50 customers so far.  Cisco’s similar product sells at about $900 per port.  I haven’t read any reviews about their support service but if the CEO carries over the support style at Cisco then I am sure it will be great.

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Becoming social on the internet

Posted by lopeza on April 23, 2008

Along with this blog I thought it would be important to use many of the hottest social networking things.  I set up a twitter, facebook, flickr, and linkedin account.  I figured out how to twitter from the linux commandline.

Install curl and run this command in a script curl –basic –user “username:password” –data-ascii “status=`echo $@|tr ‘ ‘ ‘+’`” “”

Then I setup the email to upload photos to flickr and this blog from my mobile phone.

After playing a bit with all these I noticed that there are best practices and “etiquette” in using these things, so become familiar or else no one will see you!

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First Entry

Posted by lopeza on April 17, 2008

Hi World,

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a really long time and never actually thought I’d have something worth writing that people would actually want to read. Until a close friend of mine told me that I have a great deal of experience in technology that would be awesome to share. He also believed that my positive attitude would reflect well in my writing. So here it goes… Soon I will post my first entry, about what I don’t know yet, but rest assured it will be about my experiences in technology.

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