Anthony Lopez

“I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day;”

Listening as a skill

Posted by lopeza on April 30, 2013

Recently, I have been working on a presentation for communication and leadership. I have spent time over the last few years seeking help with my own communication and found that the best way to become better is to teach it. I have learned that its the job of the presenter to deliver a message effectively, but lately I have noticed that as a listener I am actively looking for the message.

Listening effectively is not easy, but it can truly enhance the communication exchange.

You have to clear out your mind and focus on the speaker, you have to ignore everything that you have to do in your everyday life and you have to commit. I have learned many techniques on keeping the audience engaged, but what are the techniques for keeping ourselves as listeners engaged?

Here is what I think?

1. Put yourself in the shoes of the speaker with regard to the content, if the speaker is passionate about the content, be passionate with them.

2. Use your mind and heart to understand what the speaker is trying to say, articulate the message back to yourself.

3. Relate a similar experience with what the speaker is saying.

While different things work for different people, the fact is that if you are an effective listener you improve communication.

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